CKL Unveils a New Look ‘Maclik’

Cooper K-Brands Limited (CKL) has today opened unveiled a new look packaging for its flagship brand, Maclik.

Maclik is a mineral supplement product that provides essential minerals to dairy and meat animals at different stages of production. The brand variants in this range are Maclik Super, Maclik Dry Cow, Maclik Beef, Maclik XP and Maclik Mineral Brick. CKL also manufactures and distributes other agricultural input brands such as Triatix, Grenade, Nilzan, Nefluk, CKL Milking Salve, Diamond V, CRV, Romectin, Kupakula, Metro, Ambar and Mastrite.

For decades, local farmers have trusted the Maclik range of mineral supplements for its effectiveness and increased production on the farm. “I wish to assure all our stakeholders, especially our farmers, that Maclik remains the same high-quality mineral supplement, now in a new look,” says Mr. Mucai Kunyiha, Group Managing Director at Cooper K-Brands Limited.

Benefits of Maclik mineral supplement product ranges include:

  • Super is formulated to meet all the necessary mineral requirements for high producing lactating dairy
  • animals. Farmers have trusted it over decades for its proven ability to increase milk production and
    • maintain the fertility of their cows.
  • Plus is a unique formulation for heifers and growing stock for improved health, heat enhancement and
    • to prepare the heifer for conception and eventual lactation.
  • Dry Cow is a balanced mineral supplement specially developed to meet the needs of a pregnant cow in
  • the drying period (two months before calving). Maclik Dry Cow helps to prepare the Cow for calving
  • down, ensures a healthy calf and prevents complications during or after birth, e.g. retained placenta,
    • milk fever, weak calves.
  • Maclik Beef is formulated with a combination of the macro and trace minerals to satisfy the mineral
    • requirements of beef stock, sheep and goats.
  • Maclik Mineral Brick is a highly convenient compacted mineral salt lick suitable for all classes and
    • species of livestock. It is useful for the introduction of calves to mineral supplements.

The newly unveiled CKL flagship Maclik brand will be available in the market immediately.

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