Use ‘Harmony’ For Depleted Soils, Vegetative Growth and Increased Yields

Soil is an important factor in food production. Fertile soil provides necessary micro-organisms, moisture and nutrients such as minerals, organic matter, air and water for crops to reach full growth and eventually bountiful yields that come with high profits. However, land agricultural productivity has been on decline due to poor soil quality caused by unpredictable weather patterns due climate change partly as a result of human activities such as tree cutting which bring about soil erosion.

For crop farmers to sustainably achieve high yields, they need to continuously improve their soil by regularly practicing soil management practices such as using organic manure and fertilizers, by planting cover crops and undertaking crop rotation among other practices.

To help increase farmers’ crop yields hence profits, CKL has launched a new crop product in the market known as ‘Harmony’. Farmers will love ‘Harmony’ for vegetative development and sprouting of plants. ‘Harmony’ enables plants to quickly bring out roots, stems, leaves, flowering and giving forth of quality fruits hence high yields.  For farmers looking forward to recover depleted soils, improve soil structure and fertility of their agricultural land, increase absorption of nutrients from the soil, reduce plant stress (during transplanting, pruning, shock, pest and disease damage, severe weather or poor soil), increase vegetative growth of plants and finally, increase fruit quantity, quality and taste, ‘Harmony’ is the product to use. ‘Harmony’ is recommended for use in all plants such as Cut Flowers, Potatoes, Tea, Bananas, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Cabbages, Onions, Maize, Coffee & Fruit Trees, French Beans and more.

‘Harmony’ is a liquid organic fertilizer which is high in fulvic acid and organic matter. As a foliar fertilizer & bio stimulant, ‘Harmony’ fastens plant growth and production. High contents of fulvic acid and organic matter in ‘Harmony’ enables plants to quickly absorb soil nutrients while presence of polysaccharides in the product highly improves quality and taste of fruits. ‘Harmony’ contains soil nutrients including Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Iron and amino acids which help tissue production in plants.

‘Harmony’ can also be used together with other nutritionals and pesticides. For foliar spraying, use 25ml/20Ltr while for drenching, use 60ml/20Ltr. Read more about ‘Harmony’ here and  find ‘Harmony’  at our nearest distributor near you by clicking here.

CKL cares about farmer’s health and profitability by ensuring that it makes accessible quality and environmentally friendly products in the market.